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Carpet Underlay Advice from CW Jones Flooring Bristol

What is carpet underlay?

Carpet underlay is a thin layer of cushioning made from either sponge, foam, felt or rubber. The underlay is laid underneath the carpet to reduce wear, insulate from sound, moisture and heat, providing a softer surface to walk on.

Why is carpet underlay so important?

When you are buying a new carpet, you should also buy a good underlay. It is an additional cost; however, underlay is as important as the carpet itself. It will save you replacing the carpet in the short term, keeping it looking plush and full for much longer.

What are the benefits of carpet underlay?

The lifetime of your carpet

Underlay offers protection against the wear and tear that comes with time and keeps your carpet looking good for longer.

Reduction of noise

Any underlay will help to reduce the noise in your home or business and reduce the sound of those footsteps up and down the stairs or running through rooms. The quality and thickness of the underlay you choose will depend on the amount of noise reduction it will give.

Marks and indents

The chances of indentation marks from furniture are minimised with a good underlay, helping to keep your carpet looking good for longer.

Insulation and warmth

Underlay will help reduce heat loss and therefore keeps your energy bills lower and your room warmer.


The extra layer that underlay gives makes it softer and more comfortable underfoot.

Which underlay should you consider?

There are different types of underlay that you can choose from and each one will give you different benefits.

As an example, a bedroom has less footfall than a lounge, hallway or stairway so you can opt for a softer underlay. For higher traffic areas, such as; hallways, stairs, lounges or dining areas you should always consider a firm underlay, as it will give the best protection and increase the life of your carpet.


Felt underlay is the traditional option for underlay as it is the hardest wearing in the market. It is environmentally friendly and made from recycled fibre.


Rubber is an extremely resilient underlay and ideal for those heavy foot traffic areas and commercial settings. It is often available as waffle rubber and crumb rubber.

To help you decide, most modern underlays have ‘tog’ ratings to help you understand its thickness. The tog rating will reflect the thermal insulation as well as the thickness.

A good carpet supplier will advise you the best type of carpet and underlay you should think about, dependent on the room it is being laid in. They will offer a free measuring service as well as a fitting service, which they will normally charge for. It is important to get your carpet professionally fitted as they will lay it in the most economical way, ensure the edges around the room are neat as well as stretching the carpet to ensure there are no folds and lumps which can appear later once the carpet has settled. If you have your carpet fitted by your carpet supplier then it gives you peace of mind that you can go back to them if you have any issues or concerns with the carpet and how it has been fitted. If you fit it yourself then it is unlikely you will have any come back if you experience any problems further down the line. Always ask your carpet supplier if the carpet is guaranteed, for how long and what is it guaranteed for.

Always remember a good carpet underlay will make your carpet look and last longer, so is always a good investment.

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