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How to Choose your Flooring discussed by CW Jones Carpet & Flooring

Choosing the right floor for your newly decorated room to ensure it gives you the result you are looking for visually as well as being practical and long-lasting can be difficult. Our Interior Design - How to Choose your Flooring and our flooring experts will help you make the right decision and ensure you love your newly decorated room. 

Explanation of Colour

Using light and dark colours for walls, ceilings and floors can make a room look completely different; bigger, longer, shorter, wider, narrower, warmer, cooler, relaxing, vibrant, the options are endless. Patterns, textures and lighting will also have an effect so its good to know the basics to help you with your decision. 

Start by looking at the shape of your room to decide if you are happy with it or if you want to create an illusion, as an example, if you have a really long, narrow hallway that you want to feel wider than it is, paint the walls and ceiling in a light colour, have a lighter colour floor and paint the back wall in a darker colour. 

Next, think how you want the room to feel when you, your family and friends walk in; do you want it to be calm and relaxing, cool and dreamy, vibrant and on-trend as these decisions will help you decide on your decor and the flooring you choose.

Lighter hues of colours will make a room feel larger and darker hues will make a room feel smaller and generally warmer depending on the tone of colour you choose. If you have a smaller living room that they want to feel bigger then use lighter colours on the walls,  ceiling and or floor and bring in the colours you like into your furnishings and or soft furnishings. If you have a really large room with high ceilings that you want to feel smaller and warmer, you can use darker shades on the walls and, or flooring to help create this feeling. If you are looking for a rustic and timeless result then light coloured flooring in a wood effect is often a brilliant choice. 

Contrasting colour will have a really dramatic effect in a room; light colour walls and flooring combined with darker furniture and accents of colour will ensure your room feels bigger but still has the warmth from the furniture and the soft furnishing colours.

You should also think about the natural light that enters your room when you are deciding on wall colours and flooring.

Hue means both colour or pigment and shade of colour (red, green, blue etc)

Value is the lightness or darkness of a colour, eg. yellow is a lighter colour and is referred to as a high-value colour, purple is a darker colour so would be known as a low-value colour.

Chroma is the amount of pigment in a colour and it can also be referred to as saturation or intensity. Primary colours are high intensity because of their brightness and purity of colour. 

Colour Summary

Colour brings out emotional feelings and we have summarised a few for you below.

Yellow & Beige Hues

Yellow is a reminder of sunshine, being free and happy. These colours will make a room feel light and sunny and by adding light oak, beech, or maple wood flooring it creates a peaceful calming atmosphere and a bigger perception of a room.

Red & Orange Hues

Reds and oranges make a room feel warm, intimate and create a harmonious environment. Adding solid dark furniture will add to this but be careful if you have a smaller room as it can be overpowering. 

Why not choose neutral walls and add a wooden floor with a warm reddish hue to add an element of warmth. 

Brown Hues

Brown hues remind you of nature, the outside and give an earthy emotion which can be comforting, making you feel secure.

Having a brown hue wooden floor or carpet offers a nature-inspired feeling and by adding either rustic or light hue furniture and bright, strong colour soft furnishings you will create a warm autumnal feel to any room.

White & Light Natural Beige Hues

White and light colours make a room feel light, pure, timeless, contemporary, chic and a lot bigger. Light maple or Norwegian pine coloured wooden flooring or cream or light beige carpet will just add to this feeling. 

Grey Hues

There are cool and warm blue toned greys and they both offer a cool, peaceful and neutral feel to any space. Grey flooring whether wooden, carpet or tiles will give a perfect backdrop for bright accent colours always resulting in a modern and contemporary feel. 


Black really makes a bold statement and stands for luxury, style & class in our emotions. Adding black carpet, wooden floor or tiles combined with lighter walls gives a luxurious appearance and depth to a room. Contrasting with bright coloured soft furnishings will really make a statement in any space. 

Colour Combinations

Light walls, ceilings and floors will make your room feel larger as the light reflects from each one.

Darker warm coloured walls and ceilings will bring the walls and ceilings in, making a room feel smaller and cosier.

A darker back wall combined with warmer colours will draw a room in, again making it feel cosier and smaller.

Cool coloured walls make them recede and a wall painted in a cool colour as a feature wall will make it appear further away. 

A darker floor combined with lighter walls will make the floor area seem smaller and not as big as it draws the view downwards.

High expansive ceilings which are darker than the walls will give the feeling of a lower ceiling and you can also paint the top section of the walls in the same colour to create a feature.

Lower ceilings painted in a lighter colour to the walls will make it seem higher and more expansive.

A narrow room or hallway can be made to feel wider by painting the walls and ceilings in a light colour along with a light-coloured floor.

A long narrow hallway or room can be made to feel shorter and wider by painting the back wall in a darker or warmer colour. 


Patterns can dramatically affect the appearance of a space or room, as an example; wooden flooring with the planks laid in the direction you want to widen a room will help to make it feel wider, or a patterned feature wall can divert the eye away from other areas of the room you want to go unnoticed.

Always choose a plank or tile size that matches the proportion of your room. Always remember the narrower the plank the busier it will look and the wider the plank the cleaner and bigger it will look. Planks that are too wide in a small room can make it look out of place and proportion so always choose carefully and take lots of samples home to view in the natural light. Using a flooring specialist like CW Jones will ensure you have flooring experts on hand to help you with these decisions to ensure you make the right choice. 

Lengthen with Floor Lines

The lines/grain in planks, tiles or vinyl flooring and the gaps between each one has the ability to visually widen or narrow a room if they are laid in the right direction to maximize your layout. To visually widen a room lay the planks or tiles with the length running in the direction that needs widening. 

Uniformity in Large Spaces

Using large floor tiles or wide planks in a larger room creates visual continuity and offers a simple and fluid design. Larger tiles or planks are a perfect backdrop for accent furniture and statement furnishings.

Widen with Diagonal Lines

Laying tiles or planks diagonally is more difficult to do, however, it offers a traditional look and can distract from walls that aren't square if you have an older property. It can also widen a narrow room if they are laid at the right angle. You can increase the effect with contrast grout colours or simply combine the look of classic or modern tiles.

Expanding a Space

A wide-plank or tile gives the feeling of openness and has a widening and enlargening effect especially if the flooring continues throughout the rooms in a home.  

Floor Patterns

It’s important to think about the laying pattern of wooden flooring or tiles as it will have a huge effect on the look, feel, size and style of your space.

A staggered laid floor is when the tiles or planks are laid on alternating sides of a centerline. This is a great option if you have 2 or 3-floor colour variations. 

Diagonally laid flooring is an offset pattern set on a 45-degree angle for either tiles or wooden flooring. A diagonal layout adds dimension to a space, a unique perspective and acts as a feature.

Herringbone laid floor is a classic flooring pattern which resembles fish scales, hence the name and offers a level of sophistication to your design and decor. 

A weave flooring pattern which is also known as basketweave offers several woven-style variations which is suitable for rectangular tiles, creating movement within a square or defined space.

Corridor style is a variation of the grid flooring pattern and the traditional grid pattern offsets the intervening rows.

Flemish Bond is a pattern made from alternating rectangle and square tiles and is perfect for 1 or 2-floor colour variations. 

A random pattern is an arrangement of tiles or planks laid in no particular order which offers a versatile and modern design. This pattern can be used for 1 or more multiple colour designs and using various plank or tile sizes within the pattern.

Crosshatch laid flooring is an unusual way to lay planks or tiles where a set of parallel planks are laid at right angles to each other. It’s eye-catching and different if you really want your floor to make a statement. 

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