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Stair Carpet Guidance by CW Jones Flooring Bristol

Are you looking to replace your stair carpet? Are you looking for ideas and inspiration?

Stair carpet is so important for the look and feel of your home. It is the carpet that you first see when you come into your home or business, so it’s vital to get the design, material and fit just right, ensuring you pick the right colour to suit your décor and style.

Stairs experience a lot of wear and footfall so it’s important to ensure you choose the right quality carpet. A good underlay and carpet will ensure it lasts the strain for many years.

Think about the colour that will compliment your décor and be aware that even though they look great when first laid, lighter coloured carpets will age more quickly. A great design choice and one which is very popular is patterned or striped carpet as it hides day to day wear, as well as giving a modern look and feel.

If you’re searching for the right floor covering for your stairs, a stair runner could be the classic, yet creative, solution you’ve been searching for.

What is a Stair Runner?

A stair runner is a strip of carpet fitted to the middle of your staircase, unlike the fully carpeted option, runners aren’t as wide as your stairs, leaving some of the wood visible at the edge of each step.

Laminate and hardwood flooring has become a popular choice in households and businesses and a great way to accessorise the look of your hallway and stairs is by adding a stair runner. The soft carpet is perfect below the feet when running up the stairs and minimises the noise from small running feet.

Like a rug on a hard floor, you get the simple and stylish look of paint or varnish along with the quiet comfort underfoot and stylish woven patterns that carpet can offer.

Stair Runner Choices

There are so many to choose from so make sure you research the type of stair runners that are available and one that will suit your home or office style. Have a look at modern and patterned stair runners, which you may not have initially considered. A good carpet company will have a vast number of colours, styles and patterns available for you to choose from, so there is always something to suit every style and taste.

Stair runners not only look and feel great but are also hard wearing, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. They reduce noise echoing through your stairway, increase warmth and reduce the chances of you, your family or employees slipping as you come down the stairs.

Stair runner edges are bound to make them look neat and stop them fraying over time.

Stair runners can be more of an economical choice if you are having carpet fitted elsewhere as they can be made from the offcuts, or you can choose a full-width carpet and it can be cut to size for you.

The main things to think about when choosing a stair runner or full carpet are:

• The durability of a carpet will ensure it stays looking fresh for as long as possible. All good carpet suppliers will recommend specific carpets to suit the wear and tear that a stairway carpet will encounter.

• Consider the colour and style of your stair runner. You want to ensure it doesn’t go out of fashion in a year and it doesn’t show the wear and tear it will experience in that time. A striped carpet always works well with the angles of a staircase and will achieve a modern and contemporary look.

• Consider a good underlay. A good quality underlay will ensure your stair carpet lasts a lot longer. It is cheaper to invest in this at the time rather than buying a whole new stair carpet a year or so later.

• Measuring and fitting carpet in the most economical way can be tricky, even more so when it comes to stairs. A good carpet supplier will always measure and cut your stair carpet in the most economical way for you, to ensure there isn’t excessive waste.

• A carpet fitted well will ensure your stair carpet or runner lasts longer whilst minimising waste. A good carpet supplier will offer you a professional fitting service where one of their experts will take all the measurements prior to you ordering and then come and professionally fit the carpet for you whilst you sit back and relax.

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