Has anyone spotted that Christmas is nearly here? How did that ever happen?? At CW Jones we are busy busy helping our customers get their homes carpeted, wooden or laminate flooring installed or luxury vinyl tiles laid before Christmas.

I can’t help but get caught up in the Christmas madness even if I promised myself it’s not going to happen. I haven’t really made any preparations yet. In fact, if you were gracious enough to read any previous newsletters you may remember that I’m getting an extension on my house. It’s well underway but it’s not going to be ready this side of 2017. You would not believe the amount of dust that gets walked in since we had to stop using the front porch. It’s all cement dust and grit and has been a nightmare on the kitchen floor!! Thank goodness I want to replace it.

But it got me thinking, whilst I was trying to bury the growing sense of impending chaos and doom caused by not getting ready for Christmas, prevention of the chaos will be much easier than trying to rescue the situation. And that’s exactly what anyone can do with their floors. Did you see what I did there? Clever right?

I can’t help but want to do some kind of early spring clean to the house so I can be visitor ready. I want to be able to send invites out for an impromptu soiree not to mention fit in all the Christmas decs and presents somewhere.

If you have carpets a good vacuum, maybe go over it with a steam cleaner to refresh it or kill off any odours. Is Christmas when you decide to get it professionally cleaned or hire a machine to do it yourself? I can’t decide if I should do it before the visitors arrive so they don’t think I’m slumming it or after all the Christmas cake crumbs have all been squished in!

But what if you have some kind of hard floor? Do you have a wood floor? Laminate? Vinyl flooring? A good mop and generic cleaner will do it, won’t it?

Amtico, Karndean, and Woodpecker are a few of our flooring manufacturers and they compliment their ranges by providing their own cleaning and rejuvenating products that also helps to protect it.

Getting your floors looking their best doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Following the manufacturer’s advice about everyday care and using the products that have been created to ensure the long life and beautiful appearance of your floor regularly as recommended will mean it will be visitor ready and protected from everyday life.

At CW Jones we keep Amtico and Karndean Cleaning Kits in stock and can order kits from other flooring manufacturers such as Woodpecker. If you would like to know more about flooring cleaning products or any of the hard flooring ranges we have to offer at amazingly low prices then please visit us at our showroom team please contact us on 01179 661454 or visit us at CW Jones Carpet and Flooring, 10 Vale Lane, off Hartcliffe Way, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 5RU.  

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