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The sun has started to show up more often and the grass is starting to grow. Now we have to start mowing our lawns and preening the garden. But, the weather of the last couple of years has not been kind to our gardens has it?

Did your lawn manage to survive another wet winter? If your lawn managed to survive do you think it will over the summer? It can be so frustrating and time-consuming to look after our lawns. British weather is either too wet or too dry.

I have clay soil and last winter my garden was hidden beneath standing water for most of it and the lawn was reduced to a muddy marsh. When it dried out the grass was completely killed off and to add insult to injury the grass was replaced by weeds and moss. I’m devastated!

We have 3 children and a decent sized garden to play in. We had invested in tough, enduring turf a few years ago when we raised the garden a foot to stop it from flooding. The turf wasn’t cheap. We invested in turf that would take the abuse from happy children challenge it with. For the last 18 months, I have sadly spent most of it telling the kids to stay off the ‘lawn’. It’s too muddy and it’s trying to recover. As the summer approaches the question being asked is What are we going to do about it so we can enjoy the garden this year?

Do you have to battle the Summer heat with daily watering fearful of the water meter? Or, does it become the summer holiday playground for your children AND all their friends? 12 hours of football, skipping, den building, upturned sand pits and paddling pools not to mention the back garden camping definitely take their toll. Or do you just not have enough time to spend maintaining your lawn as you would like?

During those (dry) light summer evenings I just want to be able to sit outside (when the kids have finally gone to bed) and enjoy the botanical extension of my home without looking at muddy bare lawn and moss patches.

Is it time for an artificial lawn?

If the constant maintenance and failed attempts of a well-manicured lawn are an annual frustration or an all year struggle even, then maybe it’s time to look into getting an artificial lawn.

Artificial grass is another of the products we have on sale here at CW Jones. We offer competitive prices on products only and can arrange delivery for when you or your installer are ready to lay.

There is so much choice now when it comes to artificial grass and as with any new decorating project, consideration about what types of grass and shade or colour would look best in your garden should be as in depth as your choice of paint you would put on the walls in your home.

Some of the types of grass we have on offer are Primrose at £20.50sqm, Tangerine at £22.50sqm, Sage at £20.95sqm, Rosemary at £25.50sqm and Botanic at £16.95sqm.  These prices are for supply only.

Take your time researching installing an artificial lawn. Installing an artificial lawn can easily be a DIY project to save you money. A word of warning, make sure that you don’t cut corners when it comes to the preparation and the materials you use. The money you save from doing it yourself should mean you can afford the right products for your garden and the use and will last longer.

You can find more information about Correct Installation of an Easy Lawn here

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