by Emma on 25 March 2017

How many times have you discovered that in your absence of 5 minutes your delightful baby has decided that then was the best time to take the lid of their cup? Or, that you missed the dog asking to be let out and has done a dodo on the carpet and not on the kitchen tiled floor? …, ME!!!!!!

I think I may have found the perfect solution!!! The Aqua ProTecTM Collection. I mentioned earlier that I was given a demonstration and this is the product I was talking about. On their displays and marketing gear, it shows the classic image of a spillage from a staining drink and with the tag line… Gives you more time to clean up those everyday mishaps! How many times have we heard a claim similar to this? I thought my Scotchgard cover was going to do that…. I was a sceptic. Mark offered to demonstrate. I was going to need a lot of convincing!! Armed with my camera to capture the moment it showed it didn’t quite match up to the claim Mark began.

The delightful dregs of a cappuccino were poured straight onto one of the sample mats. There we watched as it pooled on top of the mat and then had to all assist to keep the liquid from running straight off the mat. It didn’t soak in at all. It’s waterproof backing also stopped it going straight through. We all stood around this mat just talking about the benefits of this carpet for several minutes and still, the liquid stayed pooled on top. The humorous moment was when we discovered that no one had a tissue to mop it up because the carpet hadn’t soaked it up!! A napkin was soon donated and the moment of truth was here. The liquid was blotted with the napkin and I could still see the beige liquid remnants on the mat. I thought that my prejudice was proved. But then Mark blotted it a little more for a minute and the mark was indeed gone!! There was the proof. Of course, for the interest of hygiene, it would need some antibacterial spray applied and blotted but the coffee wasn't going to create a stain. You could even use bleach on this carpet if you needed. It won’t have white patches suddenly appear.

This carpet is designed for the family, the pet owner and the accident prone. This carpet is suitable for heavy domestic use such as living areas, hallways and stairs. Of course, it is suitable to use anywhere in the home which is why this carpet is so versatile. The Aqua ProTec Ranges come in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-metre widths making it cheaper to purchase for narrower spaces and saving on unnecessary waste.

The benefits of this carpet are that it's made from 100% Polypropylene which is harder wearing than Polyester and comes with a 10-year wear warranty and Lifetime Stain Guarantee.

The Aqua ProTec Collection boasts 5 collections. Each collection, the Aqua ProTec Berber Elite, Aqua ProTech Classic Decor, Aqua ProTec Classic Supreme, Aqua ProTec Classic Twist and the Aqua ProTec Contract Collection all have varying colour, feel and weight meaning there is a carpet in the Aqua ProTec Range to suit everyone. There is a superb range of colours from neutrals, greys and denim blues to tastefully selected varying shades of the rainbow.

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